One day Joe’s wife wanted a rabbit to eat for supper. So Joe got ready to go look for a rabbit. He went in the house to get something to eat and something to take with him. He went out to put the Kamatik on back of the ski-doo. He put his gas on the Kamatik.

After an hour of hunting he saw a lot of rabbit. He saw 17 and he killed 12 of them. When Joe was tying the rabbits on the kamatik, he saw that one of the rabbits was still alive and he tried to kill it but it wouldn’t die. Then he saw 5 more rabbits coming out of the trees. Joe tried to shot them but they wouldn’t die.

Then three of the rabbits said, “You don’t have to kill all of us. You should only kill the ones you’re going to eat, not just waste them.” The rabbits put their hand on the other rabbits and they came alive and ran in the trees.

Joe started his ski-doo and went home. When he got home his wife cooked the rabbit. The rabbit taught Joe the lesson not to kill to much rabbits, only kill what you’re going to eat.