Once upon a time there were three human brothers. They lived in the woods with their family and friends. One day, they caught fish and took them to where they lived. They hung the fish on a tree, and then they went to a ceremony. One of the brothers received a necklace that is very special. It turned him into a bear. After that the, older brothers went to wander around by the water.

While they are playing around, a bear came running out of the woods. They started to shoot arrows at the bear and the bear started to become madder and madder. The bear began to run after the oldest brother and he fell in the water. The oldest brother drowned, and he died and became an eagle.

The youngest brother wanted to find his oldest brother because he became lonely. He started to walk to the mountains and while he was walking, he met up with some other bears. They all asked for his name. He said his name was Koda. He asked the bears, “Where are the mountains?” They told him, but he decided to spend the night until it was morning. He woke up and began walking to the mountains.

He found the mountains and he began calling for his brother. His brother flew out of the mountains as an eagle. They went to find their family and friends in the woods. Koda grew up, became a big bear for the rest of his life, and he and his older brothers lived together happily.