Once upon a time Gluskabe lived with his grandmother, Woodchuck. Four men were going to an Island to find Gluskabe to ask for a wish each. They were getting ready for their trip to find Gluskabe. They hit a big storm with big currents all around them and the fourth man was praying for them not to sink. Big waves began to hit the canoe and water got inside. One of the men threw tobacco leaves off the canoe so that the grandfathers will guide them out of the bad storm.

The four men make it to the Island and Gluskabe grants them their wishes. He gives them each a pouch and he says, “Don’t open them until you get home.” The first man wanted to be tall. He went for a walk and he opened his pouch before he got home. All of a sudden, he became a tree! The second man wanted to live a long life. He also opened his pouch before he got home. Suddenly, he became a rock! The third man wanted to be rich. He goes home on the canoe and he sinks. He opened his pouch too early, and the canoe filled up with too many riches.

The fourth man waits until he gets home to open his pouch in his lodge. He wants to be a good hunter. His wish came true, so all the animals surround him. There was a bear, deer, crow, fox, fish, frog, owl, moose, eagle, wolf, rabbit, mouse, porcupine, lion, and a chicken. The man became a good hunter and had a good life.