Once upon a time there was a lonely girl in a village. The girl had a dream about her seven brothers who lived far away. She began to make clothes for these brothers, and her mom was making moccasins. The girl went to find her seven brothers by a lake and prayed to find them. They came alive and her brothers said that they would always watch her.

One day she was listening to the animals and a buffalo came to the brothers’ lodge and said, “WHERE IS THE GIRL? I NEED HER TO COME WITH ME NOW! SHE IS WANTED BY THE MASTER!” The youngest brother said, “NOBODY SHALL TAKE MY LOVELY SISTER!” The buffalo went to go gather a herd of other buffaloes. When they returned he said, “I’M GOING TO ASK YOU ONE MORE TIME. GIVE ME THE GIRL OR I’LL ATTACK YOU WITH MY HERD!” The brother said, “NO!” again, so the buffalo went charging to the brothers’ lodge and broke it.

Now the girl and her seven brothers went running to the biggest tree they could find and the master buffalo told the brothers, “I’M GOING TO ASK YOU ONCE MORE!” But still they said, “NO!” The buffalo started to ram the huge tree with his horns on his head and kept asking the brothers, but they still said no. The herd continued ramming the huge tree, but it was hard to damage it because it was so big and rare.

The seven brothers kept climbing the huge tree and the sister almost fell, but her brothers caught her. They reached the very top and when the buffalo herd looked up, the girl and the seven brothers were gone to the sky world. They had turned into the Big Dipper.