Once upon a time there was a girl that sewed beautiful clothing. She had a dream about seven brothers, so she made seven shirts and seven pairs of pants. The next day she started to go to find her brothers. On her way, she saw five wolves playing together. She came out to a flat field and a river going across. In the field there was a tipi beside the river.

The girl saw a small boy running towards her. This young boy was one of the brothers. She said, “You are one of the brothers.” The small boy said, “Yes.” She asked, “Where are the other brothers?” The boy told her that other brothers were hunting and that they would be back soon. The brothers returned and she gave them their clothing. The seven brothers were happy to have a sister and warm clothing to wear in the winter.

One day a buffalo came to their tipi and he said, “The buffalo Nation Chief wants to marry your sister.” The little boy said, “She is fine where she is.” The buffalo left and a little while later, the girl and her brothers saw a big cloud dust in the sky. The whole buffalo nation had come to the tipi. The chief of the buffalo nation said to the sister, “I want to marry you!” But the brothers said, “NO! NO! NO!”

The brothers and the sister started running to a tree and the little boy said, “I have to go back! I dropped my bow and arrows!” One of the older boys said, “Grab my hand!” The little boy grabbed a branch and he swung up onto the tree. He shot an arrow up at a branch and the tree grew higher. He shot at another branch and the tree grew even higher. Eventually the tree grew up into the Sky World. The sister and her brothers jumped from the tree and they became the Big Dipper.