Long ago, we were content to toil about day after day, never wondering what tomorrow would bring. To live in the moment was all that mattered, there was no ambition, no drive to accomplish more. Man never dreamed.

A young boy named Sticks was tending the garden outside his home one day, when the sound of rushing water came to him through the morning air. Turning to his friends he asked, “What is that sound I hear?” “What sound?” answered one of his friends, “I don’t hear anything.” “I heard a sound I’ve never heard before,” answered Sticks, “it was the most beautiful sound.” “Quit pretending and get back to work,” answered his friends, “you’re just trying to waste time.”

This continued to the point that Sticks friends began to think him crazy. “If you hear this sound, why don’t you find out what it is?” mocked his friends. So that is what he did. That very night he packed what little belongings he owned and began to walk towards the direction he had heard the rushing water. “You’ll be back!” snickered his friends as Sticks walked away, “He didn’t hear anything. He has gone crazy.”

It had been the first time Sticks had been away from his home and the new terrain frightened him. “Maybe I should go back,” he though, “Maybe they were all right.” But each time he thought of giving up, Sticks heard the call of the rushing water louder and clearer than before and forgot his fear.

After days of walking the sound of the water was almost deafening. Sticks had arrived at a rushing river. Sitting on a lily pad, was a large green animal he had never seen before. “Greetings,” called the strange animal, “I am Brother Frog and I have been expecting you.” “Expecting me?” answered Sticks, “How can this be Brother Frog?” “You see,” answered Brother Frog, “I am the guardian of the river. You believe that you are in search of rushing water when in fact…well, listen more closely.” And so Sticks listened more closely to the call of the rushing water when his concentration was broken by the sound of an eagle cry. “That call is so beautiful,” called Sticks, “Where does it come from?” “Jump on my back and I will show you,” answered Brother Frog, “I will take you safely across the river.”

And so Sticks trusted Brother Frog and was taken safely across the river. “Here you will find the answers you seek,” said Brother Frog, “This is the Sacred Mountain. You will find your answers at the top.” And so Sticks, tired, wet and still scared began his ascent. After the climb and fall of three moons, Sticks finally made it to the top. It was there that he met Father Eagle.

“My son,” said Father Eagle, “I have been waiting for you.” “You have crossed the rushing river and climbed the sacred mountain. It is through your persistence and hard work that you have finally learned to dream.” And with that, he was transformed into a magnificent eagle as his newfound power to dream lifted him higher and higher into the sky.

And so it is every so often a person will hear the rushing of the river. He will call others to come search with him and will be told not to pursue it by those around him, for they do not understand what he hears. He will make it to the river and find that it is not the river that he was looking for, but for the mountain that it leads to. The way will be new and oftentimes frightening, but there will be a guide to help him along the way. And at the end of his journey, at the top of the Sacred Mountain, he will finally have learned to dream. And on the wings of those dreams he can carry himself anywhere.