Iktomi was walking along. It was a beautiful morning. He got ready for a gathering. He put on fancy clothes. The animals were all laughing at him. He didn’t know, so he kept on walking. He got so hot he had to sit down in the shade of a boulder. He took off his blanket and sat on it with his stuff. He gave the big boulder his blanket and he said, “I will pick it up on my way back.”

He saw some rain clouds coming his way. So he took back his blanket. He went under it. He heard a loud banging noise. He saw the boulder coming towards him, so he ran as fast as he could. He ran up a hill and across a river, but the boulder kept on coming! The boulder ran over Iktomi. Iktomi was calling for help. Three buffalo came to push the big boulder off Iktomi, but they were too weak to push it, so they went away. More animals came to help push the boulder off Iktomi. But they couldn’t, so they went away!

It got dark and bats started to come out. Iktomi was still yelling for help. Bats came to help him. Iktomi was lying to the bats saying, “This big rock says that you don’t know if you are birds or animals and you are furry too!” So the bats got angry and began hitting the boulder with their faces. The rock began breaking because of the bats. Little bits of the rocks flew off the boulder. Iktomi was free now. He kept on walking on his way thinking, “What should I do now?!”