My family, my father, saw me tell stories and he was very happy and he really encouraged me to continue to do that, you know. He said I should be talking more to my elders and asking about those traditional stories, but mostly I tell contemporary stories because they are okay for me to tell that kind of story.

I wouldn’t necessarily tell a traditional story that could be recorded by someone because the concern I have is that those stories are for the Igulik (Igloolik) people that, as a community we would have to decide that we wanted to record something like lets say on a CD or to write a book of stories. It couldn’t be just one person going and publishing a story on a CD or in a book to make profit of it for their individual self. At least that’s how I feel and I think it has to be a community effort in terms of those traditional stories but mostly I tell contemporary stories and those stories have to do with my family and my experiences because I think that you can tell the contemporary stories but still have the values or the different emotions that go with storytelling and contemporary contacts.

There is lots of fun, lots of times it’s fun and there is something really special about storytelling.