A long time ago two Inuit people had gone to look for ukaliks. That was in the winter time. They were two young men named Mark and David. They had gone off by themselves. Their father had let them use his two elans. An hour later Mark and David saw 1 ukalik. They stopped the ski-doo’s and took their guns and ran after it. The rabbit went in a hole in the ground.

Fifteen minutes later the ukalik came out and Mark shot it. After they shot it David saw some fox tracks. Mark and David followed the tracks for a long time. When they got there the fox was a while fox lying down in the snow eating something. They hid behind a tree. A couple of minutes after they took a closer look and then quietly after, BANG! BANG! David shot it. David had ran over to it and told Mark, “I shot a white fox.”

An hour later it started to get windy and cold. Mark and David were almost out of gas. They tried to find a cabin nearby but they couldn’t. Then they heard someone speak and say “remember to take some things to keep you warm.” It was the wind talking. Mark and David had to find a cave and they did. While they were waiting for the weather to clear up they had some meat. Just as it was getting colder Mark lit a fire. Mark and David’s father was looking for them. An hour later their father had found them. Mark and David were so happy. They waited until it got a little bit better out and they left to go home. When they got home their mom made them a hot tea and some bread. They told their parents that he wind was talking to them. They learned their lesson to be better prepared when they go off hunting. And they taught their own children the same lesson when they got older.