Once there was a boy named Ka-Ha-Si. All he did was sleep in an igloo with a lamp and a buffalo skin. All the people kept talking about him, so one night Ka-Ha-Si went outside to get some fresh air. He heard a funny sound, so he went to check it out at a pond. He saw that the noise was a loon and that loon was talking to him saying, “Tomorrow go have a bath.” He did and then he went back to his igloo to go sleep with his lamp and buffalo skin.

The next morning he heard the loon again. He went to see the loon and the loon said, “You must go hunt. Your people are starving. You must go ask the hunters if you can go with them.” Ka-Ha-Si did and the hunters thought about it. They started to tell Ka-Ha-Si that hunting isn’t easy. It might look like it, but it isn’t. But Ka Ha Si said, “I want to hunt. I’ve got a plan.”

He asked one of the hunters to go get a blanket. “Now, everyone hold on to it. I will get on the blanket and you guys bounce me up as high as you can. As I go up, I will look around and see if I can spot some animals.” Ka-Ha-Si did see something, so the hunters went to the ice floe.

While they were going there, they got all of their weapons ready and they got closer and closer. When they got to the ice floe, a wave hit the boat they were in and Ka-Ha-Si missed the walrus. The hunters said, “Let’s go home.” Ka-Ha-Si said, “No, don’t go back.” So they turned around and Ka Ha Si jumped off the boat and grabbed the walrus by the tusks. He started to grab the walruses one by one. He and the hunters went home, ate, and fed the people.

Ka-Ha-Si went to sleep again and a giant man came to the village challenging every man to a fight one by one. Ka-Ha-Si was the last man to challenge the giant. Ka-Ha-Si grabbed him and threw him like a stone. When Ka-Ha-Si was done fighting, he went back to sleep and he heard someone saying, “Help us! A mountain is sliding down the hill towards the village!”

Ka-Ha-Si ran out of his igloo and started to push the mountain back up the hill and put it where it had come from. Later on after he had saved the village and his people, Ka-Ha-Si went for a canoe ride. He saw a big current. He dropped his paddle and let the current swallow him. He went somewhere where no one could find him. Not even his mom could find him. He went to be with his Grandfather. No one ever found him, but Ka-Ha-Si was happy.