But the stories about Lake Saint Anne itself, they’re very spiritual based about the different site and of the different kinds of animals that were in the Lake it said that it was full of spirits and the healing powers of the waters that’s the whole issue of about water and the water spirit and healing of the water and maybe today from that time it was considered before it was taken over by the catholic church and still is considered that healing power that why you see so money people going into the water especially the sick ones you know people come from miles and miles around and it use to be neat because we live right on the road going up to the mission coming from Alberta Beach when I was growing up, we were also using wagons, white covered wagons that was the method of traveling they changed the grounds a lot they use to have kind of like a shrub bush that grew and they had it in a circle in the middle of the grounds there and there was a old church that was a wooden church that they tore down that must have been 30 years ago that was more in the middle of the property rather than on the edge where it is now and like they would camp in a circle and so we would camp around the bush and then the middle where they would hold their religious ceremonies.