The Sacred Traditions


To every journey there is a beginning and an end.

Every path has a goal… maybe several ones.

The path of the spirit on The Earth is multidimensional.

It walks on The Earth with a body, and its feet take it where the mind goes to, even though the mind seems to ignore its way..

It walks with its heart towards happiness… though, many times, it seems to withdraw. When    happiness is reached, it does not recognize how to take care of it and loses again.

Its soul walks to God… and it looks for temples, even prayers; is penitent and promises; follows preachers and masters, priests and gurus… but God sometimes seems to be close and others so far.

And in this multidimensional walk, the human being invented things to feel close to God.

The human being observed nature and recognized it as the book in which God had written His will.

In this way, the traditions were born…the divine teaching that was revealed to the wise ones. It was so public that it was always seen by all… and at the same time, it was so secret that nobody could understand it.

And those traditions were passed from voice to ears… because nobody trusted in the written words.

A word could never express what the Sun tells us when it rises in the horizon and starts its daily travel through the firmament.

How to explain with words what the soul feels when it watches the eagle traveling across its domains in the heights of the mountains.

And every people read in the sacred book of The Earth about the lessons that God conferred to His children, lessons contained in every creature, in each cloud and mountain of nature.

The people from the snowy regions read in the snow and in the lakes what God left for them.

And the people form the jungle found their lessons in the middle of thousand-years-old trees and in the hidden waterfalls.

The people from the tundra and the savannah looked for them among rocks and grasslands, in the middle of sacred valleys and mysterious caves.

God always was close to them and they were always close to Him.

But the skies changed, the stars moved, many moons passed… the influence of the centuries was accumulated over the history of the planet.

And the cities, the streets and the buildings were born.

The human beings left the furs behind and they got dressed with manufactured clothes.

They got away from nature and they contained it within parks… and they said it was to protect them.

And the human being started to live in a world invented by him.

Brother beaver was not there to show them the mysteries of the rivers anymore; brother eagle was not there to show them how to fly anymore. It was not possible to talk with the trees and discover their secrets anymore; now, they were now imprisoned in parks and zoos… to protect them.

What about the human being?

The human being had built a bigger cell for himself… and he called it civilization, he called it city, he called it society… but it was a cell and he did not realize.

The human being created, then, schools and institutes. These were created to teach their children how to live within the cell… to teach them how to be happy even though they were prisoners.

And to feel an air of freedom… even though they could never go out from their cells.

That is why the men who wanted to be free were born, those who realized about the tragedy.

The ones who shouted to every direction that the human being had lost his way.

However, they were considered as crazy, and they even were burnt in a bonfire.

That is why the free men had to hide and get together in small groups… keeping away from the society which moved them away.

From there, they taught the truth.

And they created the traditions.

These, then, passed from voice to ears.

Few times they wrote down in their books their truths… it was too dangerous.

And those traditions still remain… possessed by a few. And the human being, despite of being lost… he had a vibrating soul… and he talked to God about his desired lost horizons, about memories hidden in his soul.

And this took him to seek… and seek… and seek.

And he developed a science.

A science that looked for the stars, he called it astronomy… pursuing, perhaps, the memory of a travel in the beginning of times, one made by his ancestors… as if looking for an abandoned home on a distant time.

Another science that looked through atoms and subatomic particles, and he called it physics. This was invented in an attempt for discovering the origin of matter; maybe there the mystery of God was here.

Another one was dedicated to search among the human cells, within the particles that formed the human bodies; maybe they wanted to find God himself disguised as a chromosome… and they did not rest until they found the human genome… now, they could play to be God. They were able to invent human beings and make them with their favorite color.

But unknown by someone… the human being was inventing a new path.

It was the same search of nature that their ancestors had begun; new eyes for the same mysteries. A new spiral in the plan of life.

New doors that lead to the same goals.

It is the same spirit, the same question, with new tools, and new languages.

And man and woman, without noticing…

They were creating the new traditions, but this time with microscopes and telescopes, meeting in universities and institutes, in searching labs.

The same souls, but this time wearing lab coats instead of animal furs.

A new round, in the same world we already know.

The miraculous life traveling across one more spiral in the endless journey of evolution.

Until when?… Since when?

Does it matter?

Welcome to this synthesis of the walk of human being.

We will join the past with the future… and we will do it now, in the present.



Only when the light of the soul illuminates the conscious human being, then he can start looking for answers.

The mind is a constant factory of questions. And the same human mind cannot answer what is being asked itself.

Because the answers that come from the same mental space that is asking, are nothing but labyrinths that lead to the starting point. They are answers that do not quench one’s thirst, they only delay it.

The answers that make man and woman grow have to come from the soul space. They have to be the result of a deep meditation where the soul can enlighten the conscious… then the answers are from another origin.

And man and woman grow in consciousness… their understanding expands, their look change, their soul, for a few moments, takes control of life and it has a feeling of being about to understand the secrets of God.

In the distant past, there were minds that could connect with their souls, there always have been… there were, there are and there will be.

They are the keepers of the traditions. Ancient souls in human bodies. Eyes that see beyond what forms a project. Thoughts that lighten what eyes discover in the valley of shadows that surround all of us.

Those minds enlightened by their souls could explain the world they see. They observed what made the rivers go down from the mountains to flow fast towards the sea, waiting for it patiently some place beyond the canyons and valleys.

And that taught them the reason why the human being was desperately looking for God.

They could understand why the eagle flew placidly so high, and only from time to time it was projected like a ray towards the ground to pick up an animal that could serve as food for its baby birds.

And that explained to them the mystery of the domains. These were born to control a small corner of nature, while others were born reigning great extensions of land. Some are born to drag as the snake and some are born to fly.

Then they asked… what are my domains?

They looked at the impressive mountains… these never moved, never anguished, never laughed, they were always there to protect them from wind, or to punish them with avalanches if they were not respecting its ground… they understood the mountains were guardians. They took care of nature and took care of man and woman… then the human being was its friend and they adored them.

The human being saw the sea… sometimes impassive, sometimes irascible, but always moving in rhythmic and endless cycles. Waves that come and go; the same rumor of waves reaching the beach, working, drawing new faces on the shores, inventing the geography.

And then, they knew that the sea was the place of destiny for all the rivers of the world. They knew that the clouds left from there and went to moisten the fields and made the flowers and trees grow, giving life to the valleys where the animals fed.

The sea was the answer.

Everything that has come out, came from there.

They fell in love with the sea… because the sea was talking in silence, without words.

The sea was talking to their soul… and it was saying: Wake up! Wake up!

And the soul answered.

Then they thought… the sea is where I come from.

The sea is like the place where my spirit came out.

I have to come back to it someday.

The spirit’s life is like the deep sea’s life… quiet, in peace.

The mind’s life is like the sea on the beaches… always moving, always restless, going back and forth, undermining the rocks, making foam and breaking the breeze that is dissipated later.

That is why I have to find out the way to reach the Source where my spirit came from… I have to look for God.

And the traditions were created. Sacred knowledge systems that contained the answers that human beings found.


The human being of the past lived among nature and saw it like his mother. Mother Earth is the most wonderful being that God could ever give us. She was the one who fed us, the one who gave us the wind to freshen our bodies, the one who gave the rain to fertilize our fields, the one who told us when to store food because Winter was coming and it was the time used by her to renew the fields, to eliminate what was old.

Then she sent the Spring to us and embellished the fields with flowers for us to remember that beyond all worries, beyond all the Winters, there would be a a Spring waiting for us. No matter how cruel life was, or how strong the freezing wind blew, there always was a moment when the Sun would show up again and flowers will illuminate our lives again.

Mother Earth is always full of lessons, is always teaching us.

Like the shrewdness in the wolf that taught us of the force of the herd; she taught us that we can do more in group than on our own.

The hardworking of the bees living in the hive, they give their life for it and, at the end, they triumph over the enemies because all of them work diligently doing what they have to. When the ducks felt the winter was coming; they simply went away to other lands, without attachments or remorse, knowing that the world was their home.

Each animal living its life; being born and dying, satisfied them for living in accordance to Nature’s mark..

But the human being questioned how much nature could teach them.

What was the God’s will for the human being? That was the question of questions. What did God want the human being to do?

God had given claws to the lion, strength to the elephant, wings to the birds… thought to the human being.


Why the thought was stronger than the claws and the strength? Why the human being could fly higher than the eagles with his thought? Why the human being could defeat the tigers, having neither claws nor fangs? What was that mystery that God wanted the human being to unravel?

Those were the questions of the first wise persons of humanity.

They, who were worried about pleasing the gods. Those who thought beyond the hunting and the fishing, the sorcerers and shamans, the elders and the healers, those formed a new kind of human being.

And those were the questions that gave place to the wisdom of men. These then became medicine, psychology and religion.

Those people were the first thinkers of humanity. And we owe them everything.

However… one thing was a mind asking,. And another… a soul answering.

The soul did not always answer.

In order for the soul to answer, the right question must to be asked.

The truth is not found in the answers… it is found in the questions.

Each question is a door for the human being; a door he wants to open.

It is useless to open a door that does not take us to the goal we want to reach.

That is why we must ask the right questions.

It is useless to ask oneself… Why is this happening to me? Why do they want to hurt me? Why me?

The answers will be contained under the phantom that life is unfair, waiting for the answers in advance

Limited answers for the naïve mind, a mind that thinks it knows of life.

If it is asked: What can I learn from this situation? How can I protect myself from this person? Those will be the questions that make the mind go into another direction. Questions of power; questions that open up the mind to other possibilities.

Those were the questions that wise men asked themselves in the past.

And so, they opened the right doors.

And they built roads.

Roads like the one that taught the mystery of the tree…

That which was used by the old shaman when he said to his young apprentice: “An intelligent tree is born near the stones… that way it cannot be eaten by animals when young and small. When it is young, is flexible and the wind cannot break it, as it bends instead of offering resistance to its force. It makes deep roots in order not to being uprooted easily when someone tries it. Then grows up and is surrounded by a crust that protects it from ants and other insects that always want to get something. At the end of its life it releases seeds that he wants to protect by containing in them what the tree learned in its life, in that way its fruit will be stronger and wiser than it”.

And the young apprentice could not ask questions, the shaman had already spoken, yet the apprentice must observe… and observe …and observe.

He should learn to be like the tree. To protect himself from any rock, and, like the shaman who was his protector, he must be flexible in order not to be broken by the winds, never be stubborn with his thoughts because his stupidity would knock him down for sure; he should protect himself as he was growing up with the values and the discipline that the old shaman was teaching since, in that way, he could avoid being bothered by other people and, at the end of his life, he had to look for an apprentice that wanted to be like him and to whom he should teach everything that he had learned by watching nature.

The shaman was teaching him to open the channel to his soul.

The shamans knew and appreciated the wisdom of the silence.

Because the one who speaks cannot hear what the soul says.

And the soul explains what the life shows.

The mind pretends to know, pretends to explain by using what it remembers having heard, having read.

That is why men, many times, pretend to be wise, when everything they do is to repeat someone else’s truths.

Dead words used by they as if being their’s, but cannot explain because they were not born from his experience.

Because only the soul’s lessons can mature us.

The mind repeats what it has heard, or read.

The soul always speaks fresh, it is always new. With the wisdom of the one who is connected to the infinite.

The scholarly people are like books with legs and tongue.

The wise are people who speak from the soul.

The scholars boast about their memories.

The wise are grateful for being alive and happy.

The scholars want to talk, and talk, and talk.

The wise want to watch, and watch, watch.

Two different paths. Both of them are valid… yet different in purpose.

The scholar serves the mind.

The wise venerates the soul.

There are many scholars in the world forums and in big meetings. They wear business suits and travel in first class planes. They write books with words they remember and phrases they take from someone else. They have a lot of books in their libraries and they compete against other scholars to see who writes faster the greater quantity of books.

The wise are not under the spotlights, nor in the big meetings; they are in some silent place on The Earth, happy for being able to learn about life, about nature, they may not have books, nor library, they may not have written a book ever, however each word from them is worth more a thousand books written by the scholars.

The difference between a scholar and a wise person is the same that exists between a puddle of stagnant water and a river flowing through the mountain happily.

The traditions gave us the wisdom of nature, the wisdom of the only book that God wrote for all of us; a book that was written in the most sacred language and the more powerful of all; a book that did not need translation because everybody could understand it if they wanted.

A book that can be explained when the human being opened the door that leads to his soul.

That is why I say that it is important to know how to ask… the powerful questions, the questions that open the right doors, the questions that only the soul can answer.

That is why I will always say to you… meditate, meditate, meditate.

Ask the right questions and I will be there answering through your soul.


The man and woman of the past created the traditions in order to walk towards God. They knew there was someone great that had created them; they felt subjected to his superior will that dominated the elements and moved at his will the forces of nature. They had that contact with their interior reality that could not explain but that lead them to find a magical element in the plot of life.

Before each surprise that life gave them, they asked: What have we done in order for God to punish or reward us like this? Tough as it was, evidently there were many gods; some of them wanted the best for people, they were their friends, while others were evil, therefore, there was always a struggle in which they, the mortals, were the affected ones.

In the Nordic Valleys the gods were warriors and the men’s spirits who honor wars, were received in the heavens as heroes.

The human being honored war. Their gods commanded so. However, between the Mexicas it was the same, like among the Romans and many of the people of South America and Africa and Australia. The Muslims also honored wars made on behalf of faith. The Christians themselves underwent the Crusades for the same reason.

The modern man has done the same; the Arabs had invoked the Holy War when it was about to defend their interests and US invoked its own God when they wanted to protect their soldiers. The human being has not stopped honoring wars; as if they could clean their consciousness that tells them how wrong it is to fight against their brethrens due to despicable causes.

It is necessary to change within the human being the paradigm that moves him to fight when communication fails.

While the governments still think that they fight for their country they think they can win a war and this will bring benefit to their people. The world still will be at war.

What is necessary for all men and women of the world is to understand that in a war… everybody looses.

The winner is also a looser, because he will carry in his consciousness the blood of all the human beings that were killed. He looses because is carrying with the luck and the hate of subdued people. He looses because his own soldiers will be sick from hate, remorse, pain. This disease remains in the family who, then, pass it to their children and, little by little, they create a society with a justified war and the enemy is not only the foreign soldier, but someone who is different, someone who does not think like them. There is no difference between the foreign enemy and the neighbor who thinks different.

A looser is one who has been defeated, and has had to rise from the ashes of what was left from his people and carry the pain of his children who ask why? And they receive silence for an answer. They loose the war and loose again when their children grow up with hate in their veins, because of those soldiers who took their parents away and did it for their country, Invaders came and killed them; destroyed their people, killed their loved ones and then they left leaving all in ashes and all of this… Why?

There is no valid answer.

There is no an answer that satisfies the pain in a mother’s heart or a son whose father was killed.

As there is no answer for the mother of a dead soldier in a foreign country where he fought for a war that did not belong to him, that he did not understand and, at the end, when it was about to end, the light reveals itself and he understands that everything was a simple fight in order to win votes in the next elections.

But the war was not always like this, there was a time when the war was fought to defend the honor of people that were humiliated by an enemy, to defend the fortune of a country threatened by an ambitious power.

The man has viewed war as a tradition. Within the army there are several traditions: traditions of honor, traditions of loyalty, and codes of war. The soldier who honors them, it is a soldier who deserve the honor of people.

But the soldier, who lives with honor, is the one who defends people… not the one who attacks others.

There is no honor when the fight is done in a foreign country. There is no honor when the brother is killed in his own home.

There is no possible proof that someone who wields his own security kills those who seem to be threatening.

It must understand that the killer murders because of fear. There is nothing more dangerous than a small government within a big country.

For this reason, the human being has always searched a guidance that tells him the direction that leads him to his Creator.

The human being looks for the way back. And unfortunately… the human being has taken the war way many times.

But when we understand that we live in the same world, and that the air we breathe today in our city, is the same air that will be breathed in some other country, and our brethrens will be breathing it too.

When we understand that the water travels through the world in the way of clouds, sea, without a passport and speak different languages; when we learn that the birds travel across frontiers without questioning in what country they are, we will understand that we live in a great country. We travel in the same ship; we share the same luck of our other brothers and sisters.

When we understand that the problems of China are our problems; that the problems in Java, in Australia, in the United States, in Mexico, in Venezuela are our own problems; when we understand that if someone kills a whale all the world looses; that if someone mistreats an animal, all the animal are mistreated; if we understand that when someone chops a tree, the world feels it… then we will be getting closer to that consciousness that we must awake in all of us.

There are no differences among the Australian aborigine, the Quechua Indians from Peru, or the Mayans from Yucatan. They live in the same way as the young executives from Wall Street or the soldiers from Iran. All of them have a heart that loves and fears. All of them have a family that takes care of them and the children that they wish to see grown-ups and happy.

The human being has been following a way back; all of them in their own way.

Among the endless ice from Greenland, among the jungle from Amazon, among the deserts from Africa or among the narrow streets from Turkey, the human being lives without hearing his soul. If the human being does it, he would understand that the way is not the war… the way it is love.

Meditate, meditate, and meditate.

This is the way to find the path.


In the past, the human being discovered a way to get closer to God.

It was not the one of the war; that was not getting him closer to God, and he knew it. The war was something necessary.

The fight for surviving, at first, was to defend oneself from the animals that attacked… later, to defend the family from other tribes that wanted what they had gotten, their women, their furs, or their caves.

That is why the man saw in war something normal in his life… but that was not getting him closer to God.

What was getting him closer to God was the prayer.

Very early, the human being found that he needed to talk to God.

And God listens… and He always answers.

But the answers are not always as the human being expects.

That is why those who knew to interpret the language of God, soon became priests.

The priests knew when God was talking; when God was answering to the requests from the men and women. They found the answers in the clouds, in a basin of water, in the wind or in the fire.

But the priest knew that the true answer was that one he received in the heart.

God always answered… but within the heart.

And the silence was an answer too.

Sometimes God was in silent, and that meant that the question was not to his liking, or the answer was not the one expected by the human being.

And so the first oracles were born. And with the oracles, the prophets, the wizards and the priestess were born.

And many traditions began… all of them wanted to permeate the divine mysteries… to find out what God wanted for His children.

Some asked trivial things… if his/her spouse would come back, if his/her children would heal.

Others asked if they should go to war, if they should arise in weapons… That is why sometimes the oracles wrote the history of the nations.

Things have not changed too much nowadays. Now the oracles are surrounded by quartz, incense, enigmatic pictures, and strange grimoires with languages forgotten by time. (Grimoire: Book of magic rituals)

The human beings still consult the future… in the cards, in the tea cups, in the cigarette’s smoke, in the hand’s lines.

The governors consult their oracles… they call them now along with the army chiefs, the military intelligence, they sit down on the same armchairs…all of them waiting for the heaven to approve their decisions.

This is because the human being still fears God.

He knows that He is a spiritual being who will explain things when his life is gone.

He understands his responsibility of governing… and he does not want to be wrong.

The modern society reveals to us the same men and women from the past with modern tools and advanced technology but with the same fears and worries of yesteryear.

Technology perhaps has evolved a lot… but the human being still has the same fears and feelings than in the past.

That is why the churches use virtual technology and perform masses via television. However, the sins heard in the confessional booth are still the same than thousand years ago.

The past reveals something shocking to us.

The human being has changed the outer world. He has filled it with technology, with flying machines that explore the space. With windows that show what is happening in the other side of the world instantaneously and with devices that one can talk with and see another person even if that person is in another country at that moment…

But in his inner world… he still is the same fearful child that yearns, that suffers, and that cries and laughs.

He still wants to be recognized by the world as someone important and worthy; he still needs someone who loves him. He wants to feel secure and protected…

Some find all of that in the family… they look for it, build it, protect it; and they live happy or calm at least.

Others do not find it and they look for shelter in religion. Many churches of the world are full of unsuccessful people who want to escape from a reality that does not satisfy them.

For this reason, many of the religious leaders preach with the frustration left by their lives.

However, there are others that find the way back in the faith.

They had achieved to settle down a family, or reached the inner peace. They have made this by themselves or with their children and spouse. They are the ones who are free to fly across the spirit’s heaven.

The one who looks for God, finds Him in some of the traditions that the human being has built.

***In art… he gives free reins to his spirit’s expression that dumps in the music or in the painting, and explores and expands when his art is making sense in a masterpiece of his soul’s expression.

***In religion, where he finds God, sometimes, in the voice of a leader whose words make echo of his own worries and that feels they guide him in the daily things of life. Other times in the prayer that, as a fast vehicle, takes him to the inner dwelling where he can have intimate and private conversations with that venerated God.

***In the service for the fellow creature, many of the today’s men and women find in the service the way back. There are institutions that serves in an altruistic way, and that is the best field to serve, in the practice of that love, the being finds God in the face and hands of the brethrens he serves to.

And those who look beyond; those who knows that God is something more tangible and less mysterious…

Those find Him in their soul.


And on this search of finding the way back to God, human being is continuously following the traditions.

Many remain linked to their ancestors.

The brothers in America, feel the Spaniards took away their believe forcing them to accept a God with a white skin, someone they were not used to love.

The Jews and the Muslims having to defend their faith, covered up with their believes to the extend of surrendering their lives to defend their God from foreign Gods who tried to supplant their kingdoms.

Like the Jews and the Muslims, many others who have gone through struggles and oppressions in the past and this has impacted in the way they feel God and come to him.

Today I say to all of them…

It is time to forget.

Forget the offenses and forgive.

The greatest tribute to God is the one made by a soul but is capable of loving those who offend.

The lion kills its pray not by evil, but to satisfy its hunger and eat. And in the surviving cubs, there is no place for hatred to the lion, the only lesson they learn is the one given by nature: survival. But

Human being does not keep the lesson, but does keep hate and this is tragic.

There are still in America natives living their own conquests not by the Spaniards but with other characters from their actual reality.

We are still hearing from the priest fighting against Moors in their own crusades.

The hatred between Jews and Germans or between Muslims and Jews is still continuing.

There are some who still look at their brethrens with the same hate got from their ancestors who suffered at the hands of their oppressors.

Hate in the past still affects the present humanity.

And this is a tragedy.

For this reason a silent revolution is needed.

A revolution that clears up hate from the  human hearts.

 A revolution that starting with the liberation of chains from the past the lives from the present human beings.

Many religions are inspired by the Morals in the past. Their Liturgies are full of practices used long ago. Humanity is dealing with new challenges that are forcing it to think in new terms:

Euthanasia, abortion, genetic engineering, the clones, global warming, proper. Terms of the present, a present that demands new ways of thinking.

And…yet there are countries that are still thinking about conflicts from five hundred, even thousands of years ago.

The present demands a top to all brothers on The Earth make a “stop”.

Stop you looking to the past So as to defend the Planter from the greatest threat to its destiny ever since creation.

In the past, with the first traditions, The Earth was viewed as the loving mother who provided Shelter, clothing and nourishment to human beings.

Today, governments view The Earth as an active, pretending to take advantage and get the most out of it while their ruling lasts.

Forests are plundered, mangrove swamps are eliminated, lagoons are dried out as long as the business man is ready to pay taxes to the government allowing this government to produce “Great works of art” making voters happy and as a result win the elections.

What about the future?

A governor rules so that the country in front of him…because unfortunately the future generations will not be taken into consideration.

Decisions are taken now but the young will have to face…because they are not voters at present nor will be in the next elections.

The future is mortgaged, solutions procrastinated, so that the World of tomorrow will find a solution; by then, the price to paid will be enormous.

That is why it is necessary to create new traditions.

The world needs the Quechuas from Peru, the Toltec from México, the Navajo Nation, the Hopi Tribe and all tribes nations from USA, the Australian aborigines, the Druids from Ireland, of all the countries that honor Earth, we need to unite our voices to give Earth a voice, and protect her from unconsciousness amid those making decisions.

Today, the world is alarmed because it is running out of petroleum, what has taken nature to form in millions of years has taken but a few years to emptied in return by man.

The atmosphere is changing the combination of gases that conforms it, because there is a great amount of gases of combustion that did not exist, now they float in the environment.

Actually, there exist levels of radiations we did not have before, because in nature it was only due to natural products that decayed in their process to become stable elements. But man has added an infinite amount of radioactive contaminants derived from nuclear tests and fission plants that generate electricity in various industrialized countries.

The planet has its own mechanisms of regulation. True! Nature is wise and has learned along millions of years of having existed. It has forests and planktons in the sea to regulate and cleans from contaminants the atmosphere as well as the water that covers three fourths parts of the planet’s surface…

But… forests are being sacrifice to obtain jobs and housing, and the sea continues to be the big receptacle to all the waste generated by civilizations.

The planet needs not a younger generation living the conflict of his historical records, it needs a brotherhood living in the present and fighting for their own struggles, not those of their parents.

Today, the Earth needs us all. Our Planet demands a new global conscience. It is the time to raise our voice for a civilization that is able to survive when the future comes, it is the time of governments that are able to foresee prosperity of tomorrow; we need to redirect the paths.

Let the citizens of the world know today that a sacrifice made today, might bring a guarantee to the young ones tomorrow.

Do not sacrifice your forests!

Sacrifice a little in your lives today, but think in the future that your offspring will have to live.

This is the true fight from autochthonous nations of the Earth, the fight for the land of your offspring.

For this reason, I repeat to you…   we are Initiating a SILENT REVOLUTION, the one that comes from the heart, the one that let us to be able to redirect our efforts, to arrange resolutions, to share goals, to work within the right route.


Today the Earth speaks through my mouth.

To all those who love my land, to all those all those who love my clouds and my mountains.

To all those who long the fields free of contamination, when the Bison could run free by the meadows because these belonged to him, when fishes jumped out of the water happy of having clear water to live in.

To all those who still remember when flowers and fields were the best robe of nature, when God could be heard on the voices of the birds whose nests were built in any trees because they all belonged to them.

To all those who have lived the delight of sleeping in the middle of the forest knowing they were living with the pure and immaculate nature.

To all of them I convoke today.

But I also call those who have lived all these through books and movies, to the sons and daughters of the cities with asphalt streets and great stores who will not have the opportunity of knowing a forest that did not need to be protected because no one damages it.

To all those who have lived piled up in a small room together with their parents who run away from a country who could produce for a living.

To al those who read this with tears in their eyes knowing that this treasure of the Earth belonged to them and the unconsciousness of those who lived before has ended.

To all of you I convoke today to our silent revolution.

Today man protects from man itself.

Depredator versus depredator.

Who is the prey and who is the hunter?

Man destroyed his home, contaminated his air and his water. Now he must buy the water he uses, take it from the rivers and clear it to drink, later maybe, air must be bottled up to breath it.

This is the reason for my call today to tell you that it is time to start a new road.

It is time to join efforts:

The past with the future.

The sons of the future are our hope today.

 It is not human being who lives with the paradigms of the past, the one who will rescue the planet.

They will be, the man and woman conscious of their inheritance, the ones taking over the control in their lives and will reorient efforts and course of their actions.

Today I convoke to form new traditions.

Let the Native from the past join the youth of the future.

Let the elder guardians of traditions grab their staffs, their pipes, their shepherd’s crooks, their sahumador’s fires, their bowls and their feather of sacred birds, to initiate a renewed and decisive journey.

The last of struggles.

The struggle for the liberty of the Earth.

But their voices will find the echo, not in the actual governments. No.

It is not their where the struggle will take place. This fight is lost, because the heart of men from commerce does not understand about of waters dancing in the river, or about of eagles watching from space.

Politicians do not understand about the brother bear that protects the mountains, or about the beaver that builds dikes, where small fishes are protected.

No, the fight will not be like that.

The fight is for the heart of the Young people of tomorrow.

Those ones who are the last hope of a humanity with the destiny of a wake up.

Those ones who will be the ones to inaugurate new traditions.

Those ones where the eagle will fly together with the condor and nestle in the same mountain.

those ones where the wolf will still be the king of the tundra.

Those ones where the yaks and the goats of the mountain will have no need to hide.

Those youngsters are the ones we will have to find.

The ones who will wear lab gowns; the ones who will elevate their voice in the middle of universities and world forums of commerce.

The ones who will have to cry loud in the middle of commercial empires that with nature there is no commerce. The ones who will have to lift up their voices to speak in favor of the future.