Once upon a time there was a man named Boas. He had a wife and three kids. One day when Boas’ wife was getting ready for supper she tried to take some rabbits but there no more left. Boas decided to go up the bay and look for some rabbits. The next day he got his Polaris and komatik ready. First he warmed up his Polaris up and then he put his komatik on. He kissed and hugged his children and wife. Then he said good-bye to them and left.

Boas headed towards Big Island. There he saw a kit of rabbits. He got his gun and put fifteen bullets in his gun and started to aim for the rabbits. Boas shot eleven and put them on the back of the komatik. One of the rabbits were still alive. So the rabbit tapped the other five rabbits on the back. The six rabbits got off the hook and ran away.

Half an hour later when he stopped his Polaris to cool it down he went to check how the rabbits were doing. He found out that there wre only five left. He asked “What happened to the other six rabbits?”

“You killed too many rabbits so I let them go.”

Boas decided to put the five rabbits in the komatik. Boas went for a little ride for five minutes and headed home to his three children and wife. Boas said “Altogether I caught eleven rabbits but I lost six of them.” The rabbits taught Boas a lesson.

The end