Online slotmachines

One of the most important aspects for players to consider is to have complete knowledge of what slot volatility means before playing a slot game, as well as to easily identify which slots have a high or low variance.

This knowledge is of the utmost importance to a player, as it will determine the percentage chance of winning in the game. The higher the volatility level of a slot machine, the greater the chances of creating winning combinations that provide players with numerous bonuses.

However, like any game of chance, slot machines can be said to depend solely on the luck of the players; but analysing the level of volatility and variance they possess can help you create strategies that will increase your chances of success in the game.

How does volatility affect slot machines?

It is very important for players to know how volatility influences slot machines, as this will determine the types of strategies that will help them succeed in the spins.

Basically, the level of volatility is determined by the number of times a player places a bet and receives a prize. It could be said that the higher the volatility level of the game, the more bonuses will be obtained, but it will also take a greater number of spins to achieve this.

According to the relationship between these two aspects, we can say that volatility is classified into three types: high, medium, and low. High volatility, while allowing for high payouts, also decreases the chances of making winning combinations in a row and its RTP is between 92% and 94%.

Medium volatility slots have a much higher frequency of combinations but the payouts are much lower, the RTP level is between 95% and 96%; while low volatility slots are usually the 3D slots that have a low-risk level, and their RTP level is 96.5% and above. These can be slots from Thunderkick, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Playtech.

How does the level of variance affect slot machines?

Players are often unaware of how variance affects the slots they choose and usually confuse the variance level with the volatility level.

Variance is directly related to the percentage chance of players creating winning combinations on each slot spin, which means that the higher the variance level of a game, the more likely players are to succeed. Knowing the variance level of a machine before making a choice can significantly influence the advantages of the machine over the mode of play, which is why expert players master strategies based on the size of the slot machine’s payout, which in turn is based on the level of variance it has.