Spina Colada slots

The outcome of each hit in a slot machine is determined by a random number generator that calculates hundreds of outcomes per second and stops as soon as you pull the lever or click the ‘Bet’ or ‘Play’ button.

This is why the outcome of your move is already determined while the figures are still running to keep the suspense going.

It is the precise moment when you press the button or lower the lever that determines the result. If you do it a little early or a little late, your result will be different.

The slot machine industry is highly regulated, with manufacturers and casinos having to follow strict regulations set by each country. Here you will find one of the newest slot game and become acquainted with its features.

Spina Colada online slot

Spina Colada is a slot game designed by publisher Yggdrasil Gaming. This slot game features five reels and twenty-five pay lines.

The game’s developer has created a very immersive pool part- style setting by a beautiful pool, complete with palm trees and a bright sky.

In the Spina Colada slot game, the symbols are represented by summer fruits such as watermelon, pineapple, orange, kiwi, and strawberry. There are also symbols of multi-fruit cocktails and brightly coloured capsules.

A playful atmosphere

In addition to its three-dimensional graphics, this slot machine also has the advantage of a lively and entertaining soundtrack. The player will find himself in the game’s setting, hearing the game’s characters talking or dancing to the rhythm of exotic background music.

Each time a winning combination is triggered on one of the twenty-five pay lines, the player is treated to a fun animation.

Changeable bets

On the feature side, Spina Colada offers players the ability to change the amount of money they wish to wager, in other words, the amount of their bet. This customisation of bets can be done on each payline, with a maximum bet of one hundred and twenty-five euros.

Lots of great features

Other game features include the wild, a symbol that can substitute for any other symbol on the Spina Colada reels. Once a winning combination appears, the winning symbols are locked in until the reels are re-spun.

The capsule symbols appear randomly on the screen. However, if players manage to collect four of them, they will get four free games.

Overall, Spina Colada is the ideal slot game if you want to play a game with a heavenly setting, reminding you of the summer period and the holiday atmosphere!