Once there was a boy named Albert and a Inukshuk. Sometimes Albert would go out and walk around. He used to be very quiet. Then at night he would go out to find Inukshuks. If he saw one he would knock it down. Sometimes he would get caught but most of the time he would knock down lots before he got caught. Albert isn’t scared of anybody.

One night, he went out knocking down Inukshuks. An Inukshuk was watching him. It watched him for many days. Albert tried to knock the same inukshuk down but he couldn’t budge it. One day Albert tried to knock the Inukshuk down but he got caught by his mother. He was grounded for two days. After that in the night he got mad and he started breaking up everything he could see. He tried to break an Inukshuk but the Inukshuk stopped him. The Inukshuk said “you shouldn’t knock down inukshuks”. Albert cried, “Why not? you’re not my boss!”. the Inukshuk said, “if you stop knocking down Inukshuks, I won’t tell the town.” The boy said “Ok, I will stop knocking down Inukshuks.” So Albert went home to listen to music and relax.

Four days later when his mother was sleeping, he went out the

window and he started to knock down Inukshuks again. The inukshuk went over to him and said “I thought you weren’t going to knock down Inukshuks anymore.” The boy said “I lied”. The next day the Inukshuk told the town. The town was furious and they said to Albert “The next time you knock down anymore Inukshuks we will put you in Jail.” Albert learned his lesson and he never did it again. When he got older he also taught his children the same lesson.