Long ago there was a muskrat, rabbit, wolf and fox. They all had a family that was hungry because there was no more food. The weather had been too cold. They were playing in the snow while looking for food. Rabbit called a meeting of all the animals to tell them he was going to look for food and warm weather. One animal suggested looking for food and warm weather in the Sky World.

Rabbit, wolf, fox, and muskrat left to the highest mountain. As soon as they got to the mountain they started to jump and dig into the clouds. They all got tired but muskrat jumped one last time and made a hole in the sky. The Sky World was beautiful, sunny and warm. They all jumped through and started to make the hole bigger and bigger.

Suddenly, they started to see people coming closer and closer. They started to dig faster and faster. The people got closer still! They all started to run. They ran fast through flowers, trees, and the village. One man yelled, “What are you doing here?! You are destroying our land!”

The people got tired of running and so did the animals. Wolf, fox and rabbit hid from the people, but the muskrat started to dig again. The people started to shoot arrows and muskrat got shot on the tail and died. The other animals jumped throw the hole and went back home.

The Earth was getting warmer and the snow was melting. All of the animals were happy to see the three animals, but they didn’t see the muskrat. The animals told their friends the bad news and felt sorry for muskrat’s family. After five months it started to get cold again on the Earth. The hole wasn’t big enough to last all year; it was only big enough to last five months. That is how the seasons came to be.