Long ago the birds and the animals had an argument about the birds having wings and the animals having teeth. They agreed to play a game of ball and whoever lost the game, the winner got to decide what the loser should do.

The game was going to start when bat came to play. But bat had teeth and wings. First, bat went to the animal’s side, but the animals said “Since you have wings, you are a bird.” Bat said, “But I have teeth too!” The animals said, “You are too small to play the game. Anyways you might get hurt.”

Bat went to the bird’s side. The birds were getting ready to play. Bat said, “Can I play with you please?” The birds said, “No, you are too small to play the game. Go away!”

Bear felt sad because Bat was not playing the game. Bear called Bat to be on his team. Bear said to Bat, “You can play the last half of the game with us.”

Bat was happy again because he got to play. Bat was watching the game and the bird’s strategy. Bat went to get the ball. The animals gave the ball to Bat. Bat won the game for the animals. Bat told the birds who lost the game, to leave for half a year. That is why birds fly south every Fall.