Once upon a time there was a hunter in the Northern lands near Hopedale. His name was Michael Arvertok. He loved hunting. It was his work, his hobby and his joy.

One day Michael got ready to go hunting. He put on warm clothes, packed his food, his guns , and his snowshoes. He kissed his wife Amanda Arvertok and his only child, Tabea Arvertok, good-bye. He started his dog team and went hunting. At that time it was 10:30 am.

Michael reached an island where a lot of Omajuit lived. He knew the Omajuit by heart, they were Nanuk, Tuttuk, Ukalik and Tigiganniak. He killed a lot of Omajuit the year before, so he thought that he should kill more than what he killed last year.

When Michael saw nine Tuttuk, he killed eight of them and left one. He also saw five Tigiganniak. He killed four of them and left one.  Michael saw three Ukalik and killed two. Michael killed one because it was the only one he saw. Michael put all of the Omajuit he killed on his Kamatik. Michael went home. When he got home he kissed Amanda and Tabea good-night.

The next day Michael went out to hunt again. He hunted and he hunted. He hunted until it was 5:00 pm. On that day he killed a lot of Omajuit and left one out of a herd of 4 or 5 or 6 Omajuit. He gave some of the Omajuit to his brother but he still had a lot.

 Michael went inside his home and had his supper. He went back outside and tried to put his Nanuk by the steps but the Nanuk told him not to over hunt too much Omajuit and all of the Omajuit except for one came alive and went back to the island they lived on. Michael was so afraid, he learned his lesson and the next few years he told his children never to over hunt.