There was a man, a woman and three children. There parents names were Katie Anderson and Joseph Anderson. The childrens names were Joyce Anderson, William Anderson and Shannon Anderson.

The Anderson’s were very hungry because they didn’t have the right food. Shannon said “we need proper food like seal meat and deer meat”. Joseph and William decided to take a walk in the woods to hunt animals. William and Joseph left at 7:30 in the morning. Katie and the two children were still sleeping.

While William and Joseph were inside the woods, they heard something in the trees. They looked up there was a goose. Joseph told William to be quiet so William did be quiet. Joseph shot and hit the goose in the head. The goose fell out of the tree and just nipped William and he had a fright.

They went in the woods further and they saw more geese. There were four or five of them. Joseph shot and he got one, he shot again and got two more. Joseph had four geese and they were getting ready to go home. Joseph had two geese and William had two. Joseph and William were almost home.

Soon as they got out of the woods they saw an old man. The old man stopped them and he said “You shouldn’t kill to much geese.” The old man took the two geese from William and put them in his arms and they came alive. They also taught their children not to kill more geese than they need.

Joseph and William went home and Katie, Joyce and Shannon was up.

Katie cooked one goose and when it was cooked they ate the goose.