One long summer morning there lived an Inuit woman named Echo. She was living with her husband and her child named Tiya. They had dinner, it was caribou. Echo went outside and into the woods to look around and to look for some berries. She found a lot of berries, and she took almost all of the berries with her, she will pick and pick and pick and pick until they are all gone.

A few hours later when she stopped picking the berries she couldn’t find her way home. She saw a shadow, she was so scared that she went running away into the dark woods farther and farther and farther and farther until she reached a pitch black dark cave. She had to rest there until the sun rose. In the cave she heard something and felt something on top of her head. It was a bat. She ran out of the cave and seen a pack of wolves. One of the wolves said to her, “you shouldn’t be alone out here with wild animals like us because you could get can get hurt, and plus tell your family that you are going out to get what you wants to get. So we will bring you home and we all hope you are safer the next time.”

One year later the whole family went picking berries and Echo

wasn’t to be scared anymore. She learned her lesson and she taught her own children the same lesson. The end.