Once upon a time there were two hunters. Their names were Mark and John Thomas. Mark had no gun and John Thomas had one. When they went on the ice they saw a seal. John Thomas let Mark try to kill it. Then they saw some geese. John Thomas let Mark try again.

Bang! BANG! Two were down.


Four more were down.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five more were down.

Bang!  Bang!   Four more came.

Bang! Bang!

Bang! One came down.

17 geese were killed. Way over the limit.

That night when they slept in their tent they heard foot steps. When they looked out they saw a goose taking some of the geese. He left six, three each. Then the goose started talking. It said “you killed too many geese and this is your punishment for killing too many geese, so I am taking some”.

When they went home they told their kids to only take what you need. The next day they went seal hunting. They killed 14 seals. Before they left they killed 3 more. 17 seals. Too much again. They stopped for a break and they saw a seal. They shot at it but it never died. The seal came handy and took away 13 seals. It started talking, it said “this is your punishment for killing too many seals.” The hunters were so discouraged that they never over-hunted seals or geese again, and they taught their children the same lesson.