I have been an educator since 1960 and how that started out was in the Canadian army for thirteen years and while I was in there, I learned to play a whole bunch of different instruments and of course we were in music all the time. I was in music all the time that’s all I did for thirteen years was music nothing else but music straight music. I was a clarinet player and a sax player and then when I would go out and do shows, I would just naturally MC wherever I went and then when I would go home, I was always the natural MC. And so whenever there was anything to be done I was always the person that was put in charge of just naturally taking over that position and making sure everything got done and then when I started to entertain after I got out of the army in 1973 and I went to work for Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College then I went to…Then I found out as a people they wanted to have, they really appreciated a lot of humour, so I developed a lot of humour, a lot of funny songs, funny acts, and then also serious stuff, like I would go into different schools and act with different pow wow dancers and stuff like that and singers and we would put on very traditional shows.

So now in my traditional shows, what I do in there is I do traditional shows along with a lot of comedy and a lot of songs both pow wow and both with the guitar and also children’s songs. Now I have 12 recordings and I have one that is right in the studio at this moment getting fixed up. It’s just straight for children. So this will be my 5th children’s album.

What I am trying to do, or rather over the years, now what I have done as I get older is I have done a lot of keynote speaking. I have given a lot of workshops and I do give a lot of workshops and those are teachings of the drum and teachings of the eagle feather and the teachings of the drum is anywhere in life because it involves right from a baby to an Elder and so that is lots of fun because we can go anywhere with that one, anywhere at all. And then the other one is the teaching of the eagle feather and that is everyone one of us has some kind of obstacle we meet everyday and the idea is not to deny the obstacle but to look at the obstacle right in the eye and deal with it and when we do deal with any obstacle at all big or small that comes along there’s either a very small teacher or a very great teacher that comes with every obstacle, but to meet that teacher you must confront the obstacle and so I do those kind of workshops all over there on that.

And I on keynotes and chairs I just chaired the aboriginal health conference in Ottawa and keynotes I’m giving keynotes all the time and those keynote speeches are usually they usually involving some kind of sensitization in the workplace and so that is always a very easy topic to talk about and also very interesting. Also, I’ve been giving those keynotes for agency aboriginal government employees network in Saskatchewan. What I would really like to do now, is I would like to get into acting. I’d like to finish off my whole career in entertainment singing, dancing, joking as an actor because basically that’s what I’ve been doing all my life is acting, and I like the way that William Shakespeare said it that all the world is a stage and we are all actors there on. I like that idea.