Once upon a time Wisahkecahk was lying face up looking at the Moon. Suddenly, he thought it would be a good idea to go to the Moon. “But how will I get there?” Wisahkecahk said to himself. He started to walk around and get a better view. Wisahkecahk saw Crane and said, “Come here my little brother.” Crane went to Wisahkecahk and Wisahkecahk said, ‘You’re the bird that can take me to the Moon. I will pay you. Please!” Crane agreed, and Wisahkecahk grabbed onto Cranes legs and away they flew.

They flew and flew but they were still far away. Wisahkecahk was stretching cranes legs and crane was exhausted. Wisahkecahk yelled, “Fly faster, fly faster!” Finally they reached the moon. They both laid unconscious until he woke up. Wisahkecahk noticed that they were laying at the edge of the Moon and that he was still holding onto Crane’s legs. When Crane woke up, Wisahkecahk had promised Crane that he would give or do something for him. Wisahkecahk painted Crane’s forehead. Crane then flew happily back to the Earth.

Wisahkecahk was looking around into space and he saw his father the Big Dipper. Wisahkecahk was so happy that he decided to stay on the Moon, but things started to change. The Moon was shrinking. He could no longer sit anywhere but at the edge of the Moon. Wisahkecahk fell off the edge and he realized that he was able to float. He was having fun flipping and spinning down to the earth. He landed in a soft, soft place – the mud.

He wiggled and wiggled and finally he was free. Wisahkecahk was angry, but he was home again. Later that night, Wisahkecahk feel asleep looking at the Big Dipper and the Moon.