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A Vision Of Healing

I guess it’s been about a year and a half now since I first conceived a vision. It was during Nechi Institute’s first Residential School Healing Gathering. It was an early morning pipe ceremony, with the Elders during the pipe ceremony, as the Elders were… Read More »A Vision Of Healing

On Being An Elder

My name is Nellie Makokis Carlson. I come born and raised in Saddle Lake, left the reserve in 1956 and I’ve lived off the reserve since 1956. Had nine kids, one passed away, and I have several grandchildren, great-grandchildren, but about four or five years… Read More »On Being An Elder

Family Ties

When I came off of the reserve, I mean from the residential school. I was now fifteen sixteen years old, and my stepfather was sick. His name was Nathaniel Shirt. He was sick and so we had to leave that place of residence where we… Read More »Family Ties

On Dancing

I wasn’t really exactly a good teenager because I liked dancing, but sometimes the thing is, that if when I heard the music, ’cause we were living right close where the crowd was. I used to love to go to see the dances in the… Read More »On Dancing

Winning A Juno

Hi, I’m talking to you from James Bay, Ontario. I’m a Cree man and I’m a musician. I am a father, and grandfather now. I am doing a whole bunch of things and I’m really happy with my life at the moment, where I have… Read More »Winning A Juno