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Community Life

During my work at Indian Affairs, I was given availability to work with the trappers and the fisherman from the First Nations. This led me to do things like being part of the Trappers Association. Also I had my sense of doing many extracurricular, I… Read More »Community Life

A Career in Healing

Before coming here to Nechi, I was Executive Director of Siksika Healing and Wellness Center, and that offers treatment for Siksika members. And a part of our programming that we had was programs on mental health, FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome), family violence, residential school and… Read More »A Career in Healing

Faith In Family

My Grandmother’s name was Mary Waterchief. That was my Great Grandmother, and I just got to know her in the last four years. There was a movie documented on her it’s called “Okon” and it’s about the Sundance. And Mary was well known across Canada… Read More »Faith In Family

The Fiddle

Well the fiddle came from two countries for us. Anyhow, it came from the Scottish and the French, so it came from France and it came from Scotland and back in the 16-1700’s when the Europeans started coming over here. It was the instrument that… Read More »The Fiddle

Metis Dancing

The dances actually come from all three different cultures: French, the Scottish, also some Irish stepping in there, as well as some First Nations. The funny thing about Metis dancing is back in the 1800’s until about 1900, close to 1950 the Europeans that took… Read More »Metis Dancing

The Metis Community

The Metis community is very, very, large. It’s very close knit. I feel very fortunate to be a part of that community because most people, a lot of people, talk about residential schools and all of those abuse things, which my family never ever suffered.… Read More »The Metis Community