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A Big Family

It goes back to like the fur trade days. Patrick Cuttingham was very much involved with that, in Bay Company and he came over here and married a Metis woman. But he was at the like Red River and in Winnipeg and he eventually landed… Read More »A Big Family

Lake Saint Anne

But the stories about Lake Saint Anne itself, they’re very spiritual based about the different site and of the different kinds of animals that were in the Lake it said that it was full of spirits and the healing powers of the waters that’s the… Read More »Lake Saint Anne

Approaching Elders

Well, I think that the young people, they need to be approaching their community elders, especially here in Cree country. I live in Edmonton right now because I’m going to school. There’s such a wealth of knowledge with the people here and I think sometimes,… Read More »Approaching Elders

Life In The North

There’s different countries: there’s Alaska, there’s Siberia, there’s Greenland, and there’s Canada. So we’re basically, I guess, the same people. I think that there’s a lot of similarities, like in terms of what we eat and the things behind that. We’re people from the snow… Read More »Life In The North

A Role Model

I believe that we shouldn’t just talk. I could talk to them, but I think I will now take the responsibility of being a role model. I had difficulty with that, but now its okay. I was often with the kids. I worked with them;… Read More »A Role Model

Inuit Heroes

You know we all have our heroes of course, and as Inuit we also did have heroes. One of our greatest heroes was a man called Kitheeok. This man, you know, there is stories about him all over the north because Inuit inhabit almost the… Read More »Inuit Heroes