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Aboriginal Life

The Hungry Bear

One-day coyote was strolling through the forest minding his own business when he came upon bear. Bear was very hungry and grumpy coyote noticed that bear was not his usual 100% today thought he could help him. Coyote: “Hey bear what yah doing.” Bear:  “well… Read More »The Hungry Bear

The Bear Hunt

Once in a small Indian village a son was born to the Great Chief Soaring Eagle. Soaring Eagle and his wife, Silver Cloud, named him White Wolf. Nine months later a daughter was born to Soaring Eagle. Soaring Eagle and Silver Cloud named her Sunshine.… Read More »The Bear Hunt

The Inuit Hunter

Once there was an Inuit hunter named Marcus Paulsen. One day his family got hungry. Marcus decided to go hunting for some Tuttuk. But first he had to get some gas and dry his clothes. An hour later Marcus got ready. Marcus tied his gas… Read More »The Inuit Hunter