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Aboriginal Life


Once upon a time there was a man named Boas. He had a wife and three kids. One day when Boas’ wife was getting ready for supper she tried to take some rabbits but there no more left. Boas decided to go up the bay… Read More »Rabbits

The Inuit Woman

One long summer morning there lived an Inuit woman named Echo. She was living with her husband and her child named Tiya. They had dinner, it was caribou. Echo went outside and into the woods to look around and to look for some berries. She… Read More »The Inuit Woman

Two Hunters

Once upon a time there were two hunters. Their names were Mark and John Thomas. Mark had no gun and John Thomas had one. When they went on the ice they saw a seal. John Thomas let Mark try to kill it. Then they saw… Read More »Two Hunters